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Starting the day with a cup of Raley's Coffee is tasty, but the experts in our Something Extra magazine test kitchens like to infuse dinner and dessert with coffee, too.

From smooth and creamy to robust and full-bodied, there's a wide range of flavors to use in our Raley's Coffee. (Plus, you can try our organic coffee, which comes from bio-diverse organic coffee farms, and our Single Origin coffees, with flavors reflecting the climates and soil they're grown in.)

Try these:

- Coffee Caramel Sauce

Use a robust coffee like Rwanda Dark Roast if you want a strong coffee flavor, or add a light touch with our Hawaiian blend. Great over ice cream or drizzled over coffee cake from our Bakery.

- Coffee Crusted Roasted Chicken Thighs

A richer roast works best in this Asian-inspired recipe combines coffee and sweetness for a bold flavor combination.

- Pork Tenderloin with Coffee Guajillo Mole

We combined coffee into a classic raisin-chocolate-chile mole recipe for extra oomph. Think big, dark roasts here, like our French Roast.

- Java Bean Pot

Coffee in your beans? Yes – they add a richness to the flavor. Again, think bold, dark roasts here for maximum flavor.

- Mocha Marshmallow Cookies

Much like the Coffee Caramel Sauce, the depth of the flavor in the coffee is reflected in the cookie.

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