Spice Up Your Life with Seasoning Salts and Spice Blends!

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Our Brands:  Spice Up Your Life with Seasoning Salts and Spice Blends!

Want to add some creativity to your dish? Try any one of our ten new Raley's all natural seasoning salts or spice blends! Our blends are Mediterranean or French Grey sea salts mixed with herbs and spices for an all-in-one seasoning experience. Each jar has a wide mouth for easy pinching and sprinkling that is great for use in saut├ęs or as finishing salts. They provide a light crunch and dissolve quickly, giving you a burst of clean, complex flavor with each bite.

They are all proudly made in the U.S. (Chicago to be specific) with a great focus on small batch blending. We use only the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure the optimum flavor, color and texture. Be sure to try one to enhance your culinary experience at home!

Check out our chart for suggestions to get you started.

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We tried the Steakhouse spice blend. It was great on our BBQ London Broil. Added new favor to the meat. We enjoyed it very much. I would highly recommend Raley's new steakhouse spice blends for meats.

  Comment Number: 6474
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We're glad to hear you enjoyed our new Spice Blends! We appreciate you sharing your wonderful feedback!

  Comment Number: 6475
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We tried the Steakhouse Blend on Tri-tip & it was the talk of the BBQ!!! Very good blend of seasonings.

  Comment Number: 6479
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Chimichurri Seasoning is the Raley's seasoning flavor that I've found to be very tasty. My whole family likes the flavor it gives! I even added a few dashes to my pasta sauce tonight!

  Comment Number: 6481
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We tried the steak seasoning and love it on everything from burgers to BBQ, great falvor.

  Comment Number: 6482
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Thank you every for sharing your fun ways to use our Seasoning Salts and Spice Blends! We are so happy to hear our customers enjoying our product!

  Comment Number: 6483
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The Steakhouse Spice Blend which came in the Try It kit was awesome! We prepared a ribeye following the suggested method; but, in reading the label more carefully, we found the burger suggestion. I bought a second jar with the coupons we got. Was reluctant to branch out and try another flavor, as the Steakhouse blend, in our opinion, cannot be beat! Repeated last night on a London Broil which was one of your seal items last week. A-OK!

  Comment Number: 6484
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My bbq broke last week, and I will be moving this coming next week and won't have a bbq....am so sad

  Comment Number: 6485
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We love the Raleys Steakhouse spice...a little too much pepper for us but the flavor is wonderful.

  Comment Number: 6492
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I too tried the Steakhouse seasoning on tri-tip steaks and the family raved about the taste. My son-in-law took my jar home to try it on more meat. Now I must buy another. Think I will try something else. Thanks

  Comment Number: 6493
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I received the Steakhouse spice blend in my Something Extra Try-It kit, and couldn't wait to try it out. That night we had Rib Eye steaks that we bought at Bel Air and rubbed with the Steakhouse blend, grilled to perfection! The flavor was mmmm delicious! Since then, we've also used it on chicken, potatoes and corn. It's not just for steak. It gives everything better flavor!

  Comment Number: 6496
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Made my "famous" meatloaf even better. I used the Steakhouse Steak blend to season my meatloaf and my family said it was better than ever!

  Comment Number: 6507
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We tried the Steakhouse spice blend on tri-tip as a rub and it tasted excellent. Our company thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and raved about the flavor.

  Comment Number: 6509
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We have used the Steakhouse spice blend several times. We really enjoy the body the spice blend has. We love to BBQ and enjoy good seasoning on our steaks and hamburgers. We highly recommend the use of the steakhouse seasoning and plan on continuing to use. What a gem!!!

  Comment Number: 6510
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