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Our Raley’s fresh bagged salads have a brand new look but the same delicious greens you’ve come to know and love!  Each bag has a story that begins with a seed, a piece of land, and the desire to put fresh, flavorful salads on your table.  Inside every bag of Raley’s fresh salads, you will find more than just a salad.  You will find a story filled with passion, hard work and the miracle of nature.

Our lettuce plants are very delicate.  These tender leafy vegetables do not just grow anywhere.  They grow best in a climate with moderate temperatures, not too hot or too cold.  Our growing partner carefully selects each of our seasonal growing regions so that they can grow your favorite lettuces consistently, year round.

Our supplier partner’s primary growing region is located right in the central coast region of California, Salinas Valley.  This bountiful stretch of land is where our supplier partner’s story began back in 1926.  Because of its ideal climate and fertile soil, the Salinas Valley, referred to as the Salad Bowl of the World, is where a large percentage of the nation's lettuces are grown.  Cradled between the Gabilan and Santa Lucia mountain ranges and carved out over time by the Salinas River, this beautiful valley is truly a gift from Mother Nature.  We harvest lettuces from this valley from a majority of the year, April through November.

Another location where the lettuces grow is in a small farming town within the great Central Valley of California in Fresno County, Huron.  This is another huge agricultural region of the U.S., located just south of the Salinas Valley on the eastern side of the Gabilan Mountains.  Although Huron is much warmer than Salinas in the summer, the spring and fall are quite similar.  That is why we spend part of the spring and fall in Huron when the weather is best for growing fresh, flavorful lettuce.

Imperial, CA is located in the southeast corner of the state, “where the sun spends the winter,” allowing our partners to grow in this region during winter months.  Between the sun and the irrigation from the Colorado River, farmlands are able to flourish on this desert terrain.  With the Palo Verde Mountains rising in the northeast, it’s not surprising that the name means, “befitting an emperor or an empress”.  It is certainly befitting delicious lettuce.

Our Raley’s bagged salads are the ultimate in freshness, tenderly rushing lettuces from the field to coolers within hours of harvest.  Also, our salads are thoroughly washed, rinsed and gently dried, then sealed in a breathable bag to keep their just-picked freshness without preservatives.  Why not pick up a bag (or two!) from a variety of ten choices and add salad as a side to your meal or as your main dish.  You won’t be disappointed!  

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