Extra Credit FAQs

About Us:  Extra Credit FAQs

How do I sign up for Extra Credit?

Extra Credit is a part of our new Something Extra rewards program. If you’re not already a member, you can quickly enroll  HERE.

Once enrolled, follow these steps:

·      Visit raleys.com/extracredit

·      Click on the green “Get Started” button

·      Select your organization(s) from the menu

·      Designate the percentage of scrip to donate to each


That’s it! Simply shop using your Something Extra account and support your school or youth group.


Do I have to be a member of Something Extra to participate in scrip?

Yes. In order to receive Extra Credit benefits, you need a valid Something Extra account.


How many organizations can I select to donate to?

You can choose up to twenty schools or organizations to support. You’ll just need to designate the percentage that you want each organization to receive, from 5-100%.


Do I need to let my school know I’ve enrolled?

You don’t need to coordinate with an organization in support them with scrip donations. But your school or group may appreciate knowing that you’ve chosen to benefit them!


My child’s school or education organization isn’t listed. How can I donate to them?

All eligible organizations that were active in Raley’s previous scrip program, Quality of Life, were automatically enrolled into Extra Credit.  New organizations wishing to participate can apply by contacting Raley’s Service Center at service@raleys.com


What types of groups can enroll in Extra Credit?

Raley’s Extra Credit is designed to impact youth education. Accredited K-12 schools and large nonprofit youth education organizations (such as after school programs, sports leagues, youth arts clubs, etc.) are eligible to join.

Because Extra Credit is designed to be a fundraising tool, we ask that participating organizations meet our minimum activity guidelines of qualifying for a donation of at least $50 within 12 months. While organizations that are too small or otherwise unable to reach this threshold aren’t right for Extra Credit, they are welcome to apply for general charitable donations through Raley’s Reach community giving program at www.raleys.com/reach

Is the program free?

Yes! Raley’s absorbs all costs of the Extra Credit program. There are no costs or fees.

How does Extra Credit work?

Raley’s Extra Credit program is an electronic scrip program. Enrolled participants simply do their regular shopping, using their Something Extra rewards account, and a portion of their purchase will be donated to eligible, participating schools or youth groups.


How much is donated?

You’ll earn credits at a rate of 1.5% for every eligible dollar in a transaction. For example, if your purchase includes $100 worth of eligible items, you would receive 1.5 Extra Credit points.



How do I make changes to my Extra Credit account?

To change your selected schools or organizations, add a new organization, or change your percentages per organization, you’ll just need to log into your account at raleys.com/extracredit.


Will my school see a change in donations under Extra Credit?

We’re proud to say that Extra Credit allows for most organizations to receive a bigger donation, even faster than before. We’ve developed a more generous donation ratio that, in most cases, contributes a higher percentage of eligible purchases than our previous scrip program.

Should you have any questions about your earnings, please contact our Service Center at service@raleys.com


I’m a scrip coordinator. How can I view my organization’s information in the new Extra Credit program?

You’ll be able to log into Extra Credit as a scrip coordinator, using your same Quality of Life credentials. Simply visit www.raleys.com/extracredit and log in using your previous Quality of Life ID and password. If you’re forgotten your ID or password, please contact our Raley’s Service Center at service@raleys.com


As a scrip coordinator, will I able to see the individual donations made to my organization?

When you log into Extra Credit as a scrip coordinator, you’ll be able to view donations several different ways: donations to date, donations by year, and total lifetime donations (including those donated under our Quality of Life program).


Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide an individual break down of donations by customer. If your organization requires parents to donate a particular amount of scrip, we encourage you to ask participants to log into their Extra Credit account and print their donation summary page, which will clearly list their donations by organization.