Raley’s Black Angus Beef Steaks


Fine Meats:  Raley's Black Angus Beef Steaks

There's no beef quite like Black Angus Beef – it's tender, juicier and more flavorful. It's why it's the only kind of beef we carry in our stores.


After all, we're the stores famous for fine meats! It's also why all of our beef is always USDA Choice, a top government grade.


So how do you know your steak is ready once it's on the grill? One of the secrets to a perfectly cooked steak is knowing when to say when. If you cook a steak to medium-rare or medium, you're right in the range for optimum flavor, tenderness and juiciness. What's the best way to know? Use a meat thermometer.


For steaks, we suggest a digital instant-read thermometer.


Place the probe at least 1/2 inch into the steak and leave it in for about 10 seconds. For steaks and other thinner cuts, you'll want to insert it horizontally from the side to get the most accurate reading.


What your thermometer should read when your steak is ready:

  • Rare (140°F): Cool, red center and soft texture. Brown only on the outside.
  • Medium-rare (150°F): Warm, red center and tender texture. Browning slightly toward the exterior.
  • Medium (160°F): Hot, pink center and medium texture. Browning toward the exterior.
  • Medium-well (164°F): Brown throughout. Only a small amount of natural juices and firm texture.
  • Well (170°F): Brown throughout. Dry with firm texture


Need some inspiration? Just go to our recipe center and search for "steak."

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