Raley’s Offering Plump & Juicy Turkeys from Diestel Turkey Ranch

Fine Meats:  Raley's Offering Plump & Juicy Turkeys from Diestel Turkey Ranch
Exclusively at our stores!

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we know that serving a perfectly golden brown turkey that is fresh and juicy is as important as Aunt Sara's homemade stuffing and Grandma's sweet candied yams.

This year, why not try a Plump & Juicy Turkey from Diestel Turkey Ranch? Available exclusively at Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods, Diestel Turkey Ranch's Plump & Juicy Turkeys are free from hormones, growth stimulants, additives and excessive water; it's our very best turkey!

At Diestel Ranch, located in the Sierra Foothills, they feed their turkeys natural food that's freshly milled at the ranch. It's a vegetarian diet, with plenty of sun and fresh mountain water for a rich-can't-be-rushed taste. Since 1949, the Diestels have been raising turkeys with extra care at every step.

Sometimes, impressing the family isn't just about lavish sides or extravagant table settings. It's the simple details like the succulent flavor of a free-range turkey from Diestel Ranch.

You can order your own juicy and plump Thanksgiving show-stopper in a size to fit every family, from 12 lb. to 36 lb. (now that's enough for seconds!). Place your order for a Plump & Juicy Turkey from Diestel Turkey Ranch early in our Meat Dept. You can also ask for advice on what size bird is right for your holiday get-together; we will gladly help you.

Love the flavor of Diestel, but want to de-stress this year? How about our Nob Hill Trading Co. All Natural Turkey Dinner? It serves up to 12, and includes a Diestel Turkey, plus everything you need to make those lavish sides, like ciabatta bread stuffing. There's even a delectable, all-natural pumpkin pie! You can order online right now and have it ready to grab and go in time for the big day.

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what is the price per pound of this turkey?

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what is the price per pound of this turkey? I have one on order but did not ask what the price is.

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At least $2.99

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Our fresh Diestel Turkeys are 2.59 per pound through Thanksgiving! - Jessica, Raley's Service Center

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