Certified Organics and Natural Meats & Seafood

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Natural Foods:  Full Circle
Certified Organics and Natural Meats & Seafood

At Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods, we've always been proud to bring you our very best.  We’d like to tell you about something very special in our stores that you might not know about: Full Circle Organic and Natural products.

What makes Full Circle special?
Each product - from hearty pastas to tender Angus beef – has no artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives. It's all the flavor you love - the way nature intended. 

Certified Organics
You'll find hundreds of Full Circle Organic products throughout our stores. From premium olive oils to creamy, luscious peanut butter, all you taste is nature, pure and simple. And each and every one is USDA Certified Organic.

• Always the finest ingredients
• Always free of additives, artificial colors and artificial ingredients
• Certified organic by the USDA

Natural Meat & Seafood
Come see what’s in store for you from the stores famous for fine meats: Full Circle Natural Meat and Seafood. It's the quality and flavor you expect with the bonus of no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added growth hormones - from tender chicken to natural Angus beef.

• Always minimally processed with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients
• Angus beef with no antibiotics or added growth hormones
• Seafood contains no tripolyphosphates

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I would like to see more wheat/gluten free frozen dinners. We are senior citizens, and it would save my husband (who does the cooking) a lot of work!

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Thanks for your comments. A lost of the gluten-free products we do carry can be found at this link (copy/paste into your address bar: http://www.raleys.com/www/feature/dietitian.jsp?featureid=1139959

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Does vegetarian fed meats mean grass or pasture fed? Or are these corn fed?

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This is a section we're working on, coming in 2011.

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Our Full Circle Bacon does not have nitrates. We still carry Jones Soda - have you been unable to find at your store?

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The Full Circle shrimp comes from Thailand, and it is all farm raised. Both the farms and the processing plants are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certified by independent third party auditors. The customer can learn more about what all the criteria are at the Best Aquaculture Practices website. All of the shrimp are natural, with no tripolyphosphates or any other chemicals added to them, as well as farmed responsibly. Hope this helps!

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What is the country of origin for your grass fed beef. Is the meat from U.S. pastures?

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Certified Organic Products
Certified Organic Products

Natural Meats and Seafood
Natural Meats & Seafoods