Celiac Awareness Month, Going Gluten Free

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Natural Foods:  Celiac Awareness Month, Going Gluten Free
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Gluten (“glue” in latin) is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Also most oats contain gluten due to cross contamination. Gluten helps bind ingredients together, gives dough elasticity and helps it rise and keep its shape. It also gives a chewy texture to our pizza, cookies, cakes and pasta. 

Many folks are going gluten free as they find they have a sensitivity to gluten and feel better when they avoid it.

For those with Celiac Disease, avoiding gluten must be a way of life.  It is the only treatment for this auto immune disease that damages the intestines and makes it hard to absorb nutrients in food.  Some symptoms of Celiac Disease are anemia, irritability, weight loss, stomach pains, and other gastrointestinal complications. 

Most “whole foods” are gluten free.  The following are safe because they are naturally free of gluten:

* fruits & vegetables

* nuts & seeds

* dairy & eggs (note—some processed yogurts use wheat as a thickener always read labels)

* fish, poultry and meat (if it is not breaded)

* herbs & spices

* quinoa, rice and beans   

Many “processed foods” contain flavorings from barley or wheat.  Such as malt, malt vinegar, beer, brewers yeast and soy sauce, just to name a few. With this in mind, it is important to read labels. See celiac.com for a thorough safe and unsafe foods list.

Our Gluten Free sections at Raley’s can help make shopping for gluten free foods easier.  In addition, there are many more gluten free foods through out the store. Find a complete list of our gluten free items at www.raleys.com.

In general, check out natural and organic options as these often have more nutrition and fiber than many conventional options.

Look for the gluten free icons which guarantee product is free from cross-contamination.


Check out our blog on Earnest Eats... a wholesome gluten-free snack:



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