Coconut Water for Hydration—Nature’s Electrolyte

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Natural Foods:  Coconut Water for Hydration-Nature's Electrolyte

What is an electrolyte and how do you know if you need them?  Electrolytes are important because they help regulate body fluids and help carry electrical impulses that transmit nerve signals and contract muscles. 

Chances are, if you eat a balanced diet you get enough electrolytes for normal life. When you exercise, (at the gym, a soccer game, running, biking, etc.) or, when you spend a lot of time outdoors, when it’s really hot (gardening, hiking, a day at the beach), and you perspire or sweat, you lose these important electrolytes.  The first sign is usually muscle cramping.  You can prevent that by rehydrating with a natural electrolyte like coconut water.

Coconut water does not have a lot of added sugar and artificial coloring which are found in most sport drinks.  Added sugars have been shown to cause inflammation in the body and many health hazards have been associated with the use of artificial coloring in foods.  

Electrolytes are also important when you have intestinal flu viruses, or experience either diarrhea or vomiting.  It’s especially important for children to prevent dehydration.  Pediatricians do not recommend giving sports drinks to children due to the high sugar concentrations, which makes coconut water, like C2O Pure Coconut Water a good choice.

Coconut water is a perfect, natural electrolyte.  It’s naturally low in sugar and high in nutrition.  You can use it instead of water in recipes, such as for smoothies, or protein shakes.   Check out the article Understanding Electrolytes on the Raleys website, keyword Healthnotes, or click on www.raleys/healthnotes


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