Zen Monkey - Our Favorite New Breakfast!

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Natural Foods:  Zen Monkey -
Our Favorite New Breakfast!
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You have to taste it to believe how delicious and creamy this simple combination of oats, juice and non-fat yogurt is. No wonder it has been a popular and incredibly nutritious breakfast in Germany and Switzerland for years. It’s a delicious snack too. Great for New Year’s resolutions to get healthier and, for a few of us, to lose weight.

Try the blueberry first – you'll swear you are eating blueberry pie for breakfast. And, nutritionally speaking, it has all the benefits of whole grains, probiotics and fresh fruit. Perfect for students, working moms and those who want good nutrition with a delicious sweet flavor but are short on time. There are two servings in each container, so you can eat half for breakfast and the other half for a snack or dessert.

They take extra thick whole grain oats and soak them overnight in apple juice (whole grain goodness and 5 grams of heart healthy fiber). Then they add thick, creamy probiotic rich yogurt (aids in digestion and boosts immunity) and whole fruit (choose from blueberry, strawberry or apples with cinnamon), along with a drizzle of agave nectar (a sweetener that won’t spike your blood sugar). That’s it! No added preservatives or chemicals.

Try Zen Monkey – all you need is a spoon!


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Zen Monkey
All you need is a spoon!