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From Our Pharmacist:  Sign Up For AutoFill Today!
At the pharmacies that care about your health... and your convenience!

No need to call us... we’ll contact you when your refill prescription is ready to be picked up.

We will automatically refill your prescription before you run out of medication and notify you by phone, email or both when it’s ready. No need to worry about remembering to call the pharmacy to fill you prescriptions.


Here’s how it works.

Come into your local Raley's, Bel Air or Nob Hill Foods Pharmacy and tell them you want to refill your prescriptions on the “Readyfill Program”. You simply fill out which prescriptions you want to fill and we verify your contact information. We enter this information into our pharmacy system and you’re all set for your next round of refills. Simple, quick and easy.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want to discontinue a particular prescription?

Simply notify the pharmacy and we will remove this prescription from the program.


What if I have a new prescription I want to add to “autofill”?

Let our Pharmacy staff know your desires and we will do the rest.



It's important to refill your prescriptions in a timely manner to stay compliant on your medication! Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods Pharmacies care about your health.


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I was already doing this? Did your website change and now I can't register for this service online but have to come into the store? Why did that change? Thanks Zach

Comment Number: 401


what has happened to the on line perscription refill?

Comment Number: 426


Please click Pharmacy & Health, then WebFill. Thanks!

Comment Number: 430


no more auto fill with out stopping in the store first..this is what made you different from everyone it is more of a hassle to order scripts

Comment Number: 610


We're sorry for the inconvenience our AutoFill program has caused you. May we suggest trying our WebFill or our Phone System if that would be more convenient for you.

Comment Number: 644


How do I get a copy of my Rx payments for 2009, for tax purposes? TrishHarrison

Comment Number: 1134

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Having trouble getting into the autofill, on the website. Is it not working anymore? I was liking this program that Raley's was offering because it was so convenient. Will this autofill be back up and running again soon?

Comment Number: 4764


I was unable to access the autofill feature and I see others have similar comments. Today is 12/08 - is the system down?

Comment Number: 4776


Walgreen's system is very user friendly. It sounds like you used to likewise have that available to customers. Why did you change?

Comment Number: 4799


I am never notified when my prescription is ready. Why not? Also, when the refills run out, is my doctor contacted for authorization for more refills?

Comment Number: 4804

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AutoFill is available at all of our Pharmacies. We're sorry for any confusion.

Comment Number: 4961


How do I go about transferring my Rxs to Raley's from another pharmacy?

Comment Number: 5051

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You can find the list at Thanks!

Comment Number: 5057

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I am not getting notified when my prescriptions are ready.

Comment Number: 5185

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how do I transfer perscriptions from CVS to Bel Air?

Comment Number: 5481


Please call the Bel Air pharmacy and give them the prescription numbers and the location that you previously filled your prescriptions at. We would be happy to transfer your prescriptions for you!

Comment Number: 5482


Rudest pharmacy staff ever! They never call you when your RX is ready and are rude when you call to check.

Comment Number: 5483

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This website is awkward. Where do I simply request a refill without reading through unrelated information/detail?

Comment Number: 6306

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We're glad you found it! We apologize for the confusion!

Comment Number: 6470

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We apologize for this inconvenience. We appreciate your feedback! We are always looking for suggestions on how to better our site!

Comment Number: 6473


How about adding the link to Webfill right to the home page instead of having to navigate to the pharmacy page and then click another link. Webfill has got to be one of the main reasons people go to the website. should be quick and easy to find.

Comment Number: 6655

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gbaker101- We are so sorry to hear you are having this problem. We will report this issue right away. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Comment Number: 6703


I signed up for this over a year ago. It has worked about 3 times in that period. The people handling the system cannot even handle a simple refill. If I do not get my prescription today I am taking all my shopping to another store ie.; s----way. Is it a lack of training or just ineptness?

Comment Number: 6810

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Test comment

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