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From Our Pharmacist:  Before You Medicate ...
Our pharmacists are here to help

With the availability of more powerful medicines and ever-shortening hospital stays, more people are taking care of themselves at home for long periods of time. This trend makes it essential that you learn about your medications and become an active partner in your healthcare, along with your doctor and your pharmacist.

What's up, doc? Pharmacists are healthcare professionals with six to eight years of post-secondary education, resulting in a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. Many pharmacists also complete one- to two-year residencies and specialize in one area of medicine. Pharmacists are trained to promote the safe and effective use of medicines by educating patients. ASK YOUR PHARMACIST...For each medicine you are taking, the pharmacist can advise you on:

  • Exactly when to take it and how much.
  • When to expect it to start working and when to call your doctor if it isn't.
  • When to stop taking the medicine.
  • Bloodwork or other tests you may need to check for effectiveness or side effects.
  • Common side effects and how to minimize them.
  • Serious or rare adverse effects that should be reported to your doctor.
  • If the medicine interacts with foods or other medicines you may encounter.


Medicines are prescribed to help you, but thousands of people are harmed each year by taking the wrong medication or by taking it incorrectly. When our pharmacists fill a prescription for you, they routinely check your medical profile for allergies as well as other drugs and medical conditions that might interact negatively with your new medication. If a possible problem is noted, they contact the prescriber to resolve the conflict, sometimes even getting the medication changed.

Getting to know you To ensure that you get the best care possible, we recommend that you use one pharmacy, whenever possible, and give each of your healthcare providers a complete list of your allergies, medical conditions and all medicines you take, including non-prescription drugs, herbal remedies and vitamin and mineral supplements. Talk to your pharmacist before adding any drug to your existing regimen, particularly if you're self-medicating.

Compliments of the house If you take multiple medicines, you can call and make arrangements to bring in all of your medicine bottles. Our pharmacist will go through them with you, making sure that none are outdated and that there are no duplicate therapies or drug interactions. He or she can also help you design an effective medication schedule that will fit in with your daily routine. For more tips on medication safety, visit

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