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From Our Pharmacist:  Osteoporosis: Who's at Risk?
Recognition and Prevention

Osteoporosis causes bones to become thin and weak, making them more likely to crack and break. The spine, hips, wrist and ribs are most often affected, with results ranging from chronic pain to permanent disability. Approximately 28 million Americans have osteoporosis. Common causes include:

Menopause Dropping estrogen initiates 10 to 15 years of rapid bone loss.

Age Most disease occurs in individuals over 50.

Gender Women are at greater risk.

Race Asians and Caucasians are at the most risk.

Family history of osteoporosis Low calcium/vitamin D dietary intake

Smoking and excessive alcohol use These habits reduce calcium absorption.

Long-term anticonvulsant/steroid use Prednisone and Dilantin are two examples.

Chronic diseases Common culprits include kidney failure, asthma, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Sedentary lifestyle Exercise stimulates bone growth, increasing its density. Since osteoporosis will often cause symptoms only in its advanced stages, prevention and early detection are essential to preserving bone function. With a simple, painless bone density test, your doctor can diagnose osteoporosis in its early stages, allowing more time to reverse its effects.

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