Class1 Product Recall Simply Organic

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Recall Information

Simply Organic Whole Black Peppercorn
Recall Title: Simply Organic Whole Black Peppercorn 2.65oz (Nature Best)

Recall Date: Apr-6-2014

Recall Number: 11726

Recall Date Sent: Apr-6-2014

Time Sent: 9:06:00 AM (-08 GMT)

Product Identification:
UPC Code: 089836185242

Name & Product Description:
Simply Organic Whole Black Peppercorn 2.65oz

Identifying Marks (lot #s, Dates, etc.):
Lot 3221 and Lot 3262

Reason for Recall Class I:

The manufacturer has voluntarily recalled this product due to potential Salmonella contamination. While the product in question was steam pasteurized at the source and tested negative for Salmonella by Frontier Natural Products Co-op, there is a small risk that Salmonella may still be present based on a positive, random test that was recently conducted. Frontier Natural Products Co-op is immediately initiating added precautions to the safety of the supply chain to mitigate any future occurrence.

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Raley's Service Center
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