Ham and Boursin Baked Potatoes

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Ham and Boursin  Baked Potatoes
Ham and Boursin Baked Potatoes
4 small russet potatoes
1 (4.4- oz.) container Boursin Cheese
1 cup ham diced
1/3 cup green onions sliced
1/4 cup light sour cream
1 tsp. herbes de Provence
Garlic salt and pepper to taste freshly ground

Prep: 10 minutes Cook: about 15 minutes Serves: 4

Pierce potatoes and place in a microwave-safe dish. Microwave on HIGH for 10 to 12 minutes or until very soft. Let cool slightly, then make a slit in the top of each potato. Scoop potato out of skins into a medium bowl, leaving a small rim of potato to form a shell. Mash potatoes until fairly smooth and stir in cheese, ham, onions, sour cream, herbs, salt and pepper. Spoon back into potato skins and microwave on HIGH for 5 minutes more or until very hot. 

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