Vampire Spritzers

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Vampire Spritzers
2 quarts Raley's Club Soda chilled
32 oz. pomegranate juice chilled
2 cups undiluted apple juice concentrate thawed

Prep: 5 minutes Serves: 14

Mix all ingredients together in a cauldron (punch bowl) or in 2 pitchers.

Party Tips:
This gives the little goblins something healthy in their bellies before they fill up on goodies!
*Freeze pomegranate juice in a latex glove (turned inside out if there is powder on the inside). Remove glove when frozen and place hand in punch.
*Freeze apple juice or cider in ice cube trays or in a ring mold with 1- to 2-inch plastic spiders or worms. Place in the cauldron or pitchers to keep the punch cold (and creepy!), without diluting it.
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