Corn and Pulled Pork Tacos

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Corn and Pulled Pork Tacos

Corn and Pulled Pork Tacos
4 handmade stye corn tortillas
1/2 cup Jack cheese shredded
1/2 cup Oscar Mayer Carving Board Pulled Pork
1/4 cup fresh Amaize corn kernels
1/4 cup green onions
barbecue sauce

Prep: 10 minutes, Cook: 5 minutes, Serves: 2

Top tortillas with cheese, pork, corn and green onions. Cook over medium-low heat on a well-oiled grill for 5 minutes or until tortillas are slightly crisp and toppings are hot. Serve with barbecue sauce. Recipe may be doubled.


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Soooo yummy! Added avocado and used green chile tortillas. It was a success ( and so very quick and easy to make).

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