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Our Story

A Family Store Where Innovation Is Tradition

When Tom Raley opened his first grocery store in Placerville, Ca., in 1935, he had grand ambitions of transforming the grocery business. With a zeal for improvement, Tom set about reshaping the way customers shop for food. His innovations—from opening the nation’s first self-service meat counter to housing a grocery store and pharmacy under one roof—were always done with an eye toward making life easier for customers.

From Tom’s vision and hard work grew a family of stores now operating across northern California and Nevada. Under the second-generation leadership of Tom’s daughter, Joyce Raley Teel, and her husband, Jim Teel, Raley’s brought quality and service to a new era for the customer. And Joyce’s role in founding Raley’s Food for Families, a nonprofit aimed at helping feed the food insecure in our own neighborhoods, affirmed the West Sacramento-based company’s care for the community.

Today, Raley’s remains a family-owned company with Mike Teel, Tom’s grandson, at the helm. Mike has defined the company’s vision and purpose: to infuse life with health and happiness by changing the way we eat, one plate at a time. He has championed health and wellness through the creation of Raley’s exclusive Shelf Guide labeling program and other bold moves to improve the overall food system. Mike has reaffirmed Raley’s commitment to personalized service by advancing convenient online shopping and the Something Extra savings program. Under Mike’s leadership, Raley’s is continually innovating in order to make healthier food more accessible to everyone.

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