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5 Ways To Save

Get cooking with five ways to save money and five ways to save time. A few do both!

Save dollars

  1. Use everything you buy. Don’t let 1/2 an onion, a small piece of chicken or 1 cup of lettuce leaves go to waste. Tuck it all into a tortilla or add to a salad. Most leftover veggies are the perfect base for great soups, salads and casseroles.
  2. Eggs are an inexpensive protein that are quick to prepare. Plus, eggs are a good match for using up those leftover veggies.
  3. Head to the Hispanic food section for bargains on dried spices and herbs. In addition to pantry basics, you’ll find good deals on less common items, like curry powder.
  4. Take advantage of “Buy More Save More” deals on foods that won’t spoil quickly. Canned goods, dry pasta and grains, vacuum-packed foods and frozen fruits and vegetables have a long shelf life.
  5. Be creative and look for economical alternatives. For example, canned diced tomatoes cooked with a Mexican seasoning packet or blend gives you salsa for less cost.

Save time

  1. Cook foods on high to brown them, then reduce heat to medium or medium-low to finish cooking.
  2. While you’re chopping veggies, chop extra and store in airtight containers. Most leftover veggies will last for days and using them in other recipes will substantially reduce your prep time.
  3. Use tofu as your protein. It requires only heating, not cooking. Just make sure to keep it refrigerated before using and check the expiration dates.
  4. Cook one pot meals. A quick sauté, then simmer and you’re done. This also reduces clean-up time!
  5. Use quick-cooking grains, like Raley’s quick-cook grain mixtures or freekeh.
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