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Nutritional Education

Shelf Guide Grocery Hauls

Join Yvette Waters, MS, RDN, CISNN—our Nutrition Strategist and Brand Influencer—as ...


Nutrient Dense

When you want to pack more goodness into fewer bites. This icon means that a product that ...


No Added Sugar

Because you’re sweet enough already. This icon means that a product must not contain ...


Clean Label

For those who seek ingredients they can pronounce. This icon means that a product excludes...


Paraben Free

If you like products that don’t have chemicals you aren’t sure about. This ...


Gut Health

For those who go with their gut. This icon means that a product is considered to be ...


Meat as 1st Ingredient

For pets that love lots of protein and less filler. This icon means that a product ...


No Added Fragrance

If you have sensitive skin or you’re not into perfumey products. This icon ...


Carb Friendly

When you want quality—not quantity—carbohydrates. This icon represents products that ...


About Our Shelf Guide

What’s your healthy made of? Our exclusive Shelf Guide™ makes it easy to find your ...

Nutritional Education

Grocery Trends for 2019

Many of these grocery trends for 2019 won’t come as much of a surprise to you. ...