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100% Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Better Chicken, Same Great Price

We’re proud to announce that Raley’s brand chicken is now 100% antibiotic-free. Our redesigned packaging includes recyclable trays. That means you’re getting an even higher quality product at the same affordable price.

Plus, our delicious, organic chicken is now packaged in Raley’s Purely Made recyclable trays. They are raised naturally on an organic, vegetarian diet and on USDA Certified Organic ranches. Our Purely Made Organic Chicken is also free of animal by-products and raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Because they are cage free and free range, these birds can roam and forage in the sun, resulting in top quality, tender, mouthwatering meat at the best value.

Check out this Coconut Curry Chicken with Cauliflower and Chickpeas recipe.

Shop low prices on our collection of delicious Raley’s chicken.


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