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Eat The Rainbow

They say that variety is the spice of life — and, it turns out, it’s also a great way to pack nutrition into your diet. “Eating the Rainbow” is a simple reminder that choosing fruits and vegetables across the color spectrum can help guide us to the vitamins and minerals we need for a happy and healthy life.

The colors on the outside can tell you a lot about your food’s nutritional value on the inside.

  • Red – Supports heart and DNA health
  • Orange – Supports eye and skin health
  • Yellow – Boosts immunity
  • White – Supports bone and cellular health
  • Green – Supports lungs and liver health
  • Purple & Blue – Support brain & heart health

5 Ways to Get More Color into Your Diet:

  1. Colorful Snacking – Put color into your afternoon snack. Carrots, broccoli and baby tomatoes pair deliciously with creamy hummus. Dried fruit is also sweetly portable for at-your-desk snacking.
  2. Hide the Roughage – Disguise spinach or kale in colorful smoothies. Tip: adding citrus helps mask the taste of greens.
  3. Find Color on the Shelf – Prepping produce can be a time commitment, but pre-cut, frozen and canned veggies count when building your nutritious rainbow.
  4. Decorate Your Salads – Get colorfully creative with your toppings like dried cranberries, shredded carrots, apples, corn or garbanzo beans.
  5. Embrace the Mystery – Not sure how to prepare your purple eggplant or yellow squash? Visit your favorite recipe website and search by ingredient and try something new for dinner tonight.

Whether you’re preparing an old favorite or eating adventurously, you can find plenty of healthy inspiration at We’re here to support your wellness goals, every colorful step of the way!

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