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Fresh VS Fast: Bread

Have you ever wondered why pre-sliced, store-bought bread stays fresh so much longer than homemade bread?

Until the early 20th century, most people made their own bread at home using simple ingredients. With advances in mass food production, bread changed significantly. Nutrient-rich whole grain flour was replaced with less nutritious bleached and chemically treated white flour that was more shelf-stable. Additionally, the number of ingredients in this simple food changed drastically. Processed bread may have up to 2½ times more ingredients than the fresh baked variety!

What exactly is being added to a machine-made loaf? Processed, pre-sliced breads often contain dough conditioners, synthetic nutrients to replace those processed out of the flour, preservatives and even high fructose corn syrup.

Try making your own bread – you’ll see just how easy, nutritious and delicious a homemade loaf is, and you’ll never miss the extra ingredients. If you want your bread to last a little longer, try freezing it!

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