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Grocery Trends for 2019

Many of these grocery trends for 2019 won’t come as much of a surprise to you. You’ve probably noticed massive amounts of every flavor imaginable of kombucha filling refrigerated cases. Or scratched your head at what paraben-free means anyway. Well, we’ve rounded up some of the popular items people are currently coveting, providing a little information about each, plus some product examples you can try. Here it is… our top 10 trends in food, beverages and body care for the coming year.

Food Trends


This diet is pretty much what it sounds like—foods derived from plants, with little or no animal-based products included in the ingredients. Plant-based also excludes highly refined or processed foods like bleached flours and refined sugars and oils. It’s different than a vegan diet, which eliminates all animal-based products. Plant-based proteins are especially popular as they are lean, digestible and reputed to be yummy.

Try the Beyond Meat Patties


Gut Health – Prebiotics And Probiotics

Prebiotics are the bacteria that cause fermentation. Probiotics are the fermented fiber that promotes a healthy intestinal tract. Both promote gut health because your body needs “good” bacteria to help you digest the food you eat and keep things moving along.

Try the Sonoma Brinery Raw Sauerkraut


Global Food Inspiration

We’re seeing lots of dishes inspired by the flavors of South Africa, Asia, South America and other far-flung locales. Korean, Filipino and Indian flavors are increasingly common in prepared foods, as some polls show that 16% of the total population actively seeks out new flavors to try on a regular basis. This number is predicted to rise in 2019.

Try Raley’s Butter Chicken


Tahini – The New Almond Butter

Not just for Mediterranean cuisine anymore, this delicious seed butter—made from sesame seeds—is all the rage. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a source of magnesium and phosphorus, it may promote good bone and immune health.

Try the Joyva Sesame Tahini



Consumers are concerned about the longevity of our environment—not just their own longevity. Sourcing ingredients that were grown, raised or packaged using sustainable methods is becoming increasingly important. And so is transparency.

Try the Diestel Turkey Sliced Oven Roasted Breast



Lately, people are tripping about how great mushrooms really are. Beyond tasty, they’re low in calories, loaded with nutrients and fiber and may improve our immune system and gut health. Did you know there are over 50,000 types of edible mushrooms? You won’t find that many kinds in the grocery store, but there are many more mushrooms to try besides just your trusty ol’ white mushrooms. Like the tree oyster mushrooms in the link below.

Try Tree Oyster Mushrooms



Hemp is pretty happening, and it’s because these buttery little seeds contain all nine essential amino acids and offer a great source of plant-based protein. And it’s versatile—you’ll find it’s great to add to a salad, make into butters or milks and more.

Try the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed


No More Added Sugars – Alternative Sweeteners

As evidence mounts that added sugars may be contributing to a host of health problems, our interest in this topic has mounted, too. In addition, people are searching for alternatives to high fructose corn syrup and white table sugar. Some alternative sweeteners that are trending right now include agave, stevia, monk fruit, honey and more. Arguably, alternative sweeteners are still added sugars, so experts recommend reaching for something with naturally occurring sugar when you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Try the Swerve Sweetener


Ketogenic Diet

Low carbohydrate diets have been a thing for quite some time, but keto’s incredible surge in popularity is due to its effectiveness—and perhaps the fact that you can enjoy lots of fatty and moderately high in protein foods people love, like bacon. The diet works to put your body into a state known as ketosis, which helps turn fat into ketones that your body burns as energy while also reducing hunger and sugar cravings.

Try Raley’s Ready to Go Antipasto


Meal Kits

Everyone is short on time these days, but we still love great food and the process of creating meals. So it’s no wonder that meal kits are kind of a big deal right now. We’ve taken the concept of meal kits a step further by offering mix-and-match meal kit ingredients. Plus, we offer chef-created, complete meal kits using trending recipes and globally inspired flavors.

Try Meal Kits


Beverage Trends

Sparkling Water, Caffeinated Soda Waters & Flavored Waters

We all know how important hydration is and everyone’s looking to drink more water. Sparkling water and flavored waters make it more fun. And as people are increasingly turning down sodas with aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, caffeinated soda water intake is on the rise, too.

Try Raley’s Unsweetened Sparking Water



Fermented and bubbly, this rising star checks all the trendy boxes—furthermore, it comes in earthly, floral and fruity flavors that are equally trending. Beyond grocery shelves, it’s also showing up on draft at a lot of bars and café’s these days. Great for gut health, it may also help with weight management and detoxification.

Try Kombucha


Cold Brew

Cold brew is a process, not a product. Especially popular with coffee, it’s a diffusion technique that leaches flavor and provides a different chemical process—and hence, taste—than brewing with heat does.

Try the High Brew Cold Brew


Floral Flavors

Sometimes you’ve got to stop and drink the flowers. Elderflower, rosewater, lavender, hibiscus and chamomile are some of the buds you’ll find enhancing your beverage, mocktail or cockatil.

Try Mamma Chia


Celery Juice

Move over, wheatgrass. There’s a new juice craze—celery. Hailed as a superfood, you’ll find throngs of health bloggers ‘gramming photos of their sought-after celery juice.

Try Celery Juice



Special shade-grown green tea leaves are ground into a powder to make matcha tea. You’ll often see it made into a latte at home or in coffee and tea shops—the sugar in milk helps balance its bitterness. Matcha has come into fashion because of its reputation of being rich in fiber, detoxifying chlorophyll, nutrients and antioxidants, making it a great alternative to coffee drinks.

Try Buddha Matcha



Medicinally used for centuries, elderberries are associated with helping you feel better when you have a cold. Beyond an established natural remedy, elderberry tea or other elderberry beverages just taste good.

Try the Buddha Elderberry


Nut Milks

Oat milk is on fire right now. Not literally, people are just in love with it lately. And many types of nut and seed milks continue to trend among those following plant-based and vegan diets, and among those just looking to eliminate or reduce dairy intake for whatever reason. Beyond the glass or cereal bowl, nut milks can be used to substitute animal-derived milks in cooking and baking.

Try the Pacific Oat Non-Dairy


Earthy Flavors

No, we don’t mean dirt-flavored. Ginger, turmeric and other robust, earthy flavors have taken centerstage in many types of beverages, as well as foods and body care products. Combine earthy flavors with other flavor profiles such as citrusy or sweet to give a dish or drink complexity. Plus, many earthy flavors may offer health benefits. For example, ginger is thought to be anti-inflammatory and reduce nausea.

Try the Ginger Beer


Local, Craft Beer

This trend could be likened to an explosion. The beer industry has changed as consumers enjoy supporting local craft breweries with ever-rotating, unique brews. Big beer companies used to monopolize the market, but now, the little guys are having a heyday in places like Sacramento where small batch breweries are flourishing. You’ll notice grocery aisles seemed to be lined with infinite craft beer choices, and if you love variety in your life, that’s a good thing.

Try the Craft Beer


Bodycare Trends


Sleep is tired of taking a backseat in the health conversation. More than ever, we’re realizing how much getting more—and better—sleep makes a difference in our overall vitality. There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. Try getting more sleep and see if you feel less stressed and more alert. Sleeping more may also help with weight loss according to experts.

Try the Melatonin


Clean Beauty Care

Eating with clean ingredients has been a hot topic for awhile now, but we’re also collectively realizing that what we put on our bodies—or don’t put on our bodies—matters, too. This body care trend is likely to be a major theme into perpetuity.

Try Desert Essence Throughly Clean Face Wash


Witch Hazel

A natural beauty product that is said to reduce inflammation and redness, witch hazel has experienced growing popularity as a clean solution for a skin astringent and is more and more often found as an ingredient in clean beauty care products.

Try Witch Hazel



Phthalates are plasticizing agents that improve the flexibility of a substance—and they’re used in more body care and edible products than you’d believe. Trying to cut down on your plastic intake? It’s not surprising that consumers are reading labels of their body care products in hopes of finding items that are less questionable and phthalate-free.

Try Andalou Naturals Body Lotion



Used in a lot of skin, hair and nail products, parabens are a common preservative. Some studies are concluding that it’s messing with hormonal balance, so many avoid it. In fact, the European Union has already banned many parabens from inclusion in products.

Try Andalou Naturals Facial Mask



Maybe you don’t like perfume-heavy products. Maybe you’re sensitive to the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances. Either way, fragrance-free is now key player search term. If you like scented body care products but want to keep it natural, you might like the next trend on our list.

Try Aveeno Lotion


Essential Oils

Essential oils extract fragrance from a plant rather than synthesize a scent. So they’re a natural source of all things in nature that smell wonderful. And they’re a currently a hot ingredient in body care products. Aromatherapists believe that essential oils have medicinal properties and a profound effect on mood.

Try Essential Oils


Vitamin E

A nutrient that is often found in dietary supplements, it’s also awesome when you slather it all over your skin and watch the years roll back before your eyes. Reduce the appearance of scars and moisturize your skin with this awesome antioxidant.

Try Vitamin E Oil



Everyone loves roses and apparently their fruit, rosehips, too. That’s because they hydrate your skin with essential fatty acids that give you a more youthful appearance. And who doesn’t want to look a little younger?

Try Andalou Naturals SHower Gel



It’s already under your skin, so why put it on your skin? The main protein in our connective tissue is getting a lot of attention as a wrinkle reducer. Try it topically or as a supplement.

Try L’Oreal Daily Moisturizer with Collagen

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