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Holiday Tips From Our Culinary Expert

Evelyn Miliate | Raley’s Executive Chef

Masterfully trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Evelyn’s goal is to bring gourmet cooking to the everyday kitchen table. Our pre-made holiday meals are created from her exclusive recipes. But if you plan on doing the cooking this holiday yourself, here are some of her expert tips for entertaining.

Thyme is on Your Side

“Always save a few small sprigs of the fresh herb that you are using for a recipe for garnishing. The garnish should represent what flavors await you in your first bite.”

Stock These Stuffers

“Salami and specialty cheeses are great to have on hand for easy entertaining or unexpected guests. Just throw them on a platter with crackers or sliced baguette. Search your pantry and refrigerator for some garnish items, like fresh or dried fruit, tree nuts, olives, brown or grain mustard or vegetables.”

Redefine Perfection

“It is more important to enjoy myself and my loved ones than to have the perfectly set table or make everything from scratch. I’ll also take advice from my dog Sammy. With just one look, he reminds me that everything is fine, enjoy the day and no one judging you as much as you think they are.”

All Hands on Deck

“After dinner, we all go out to the movies. It’s my sneaky way of making sure that everyone pitches in to get the cleanup done quickly so that we can relax by the big screen.”


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