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Holiday Tips From Our Meat & Seafood Expert

Todd Allen | Raley’s Meat & Seafood Expert

With 25 years as a butcher serving customers, Todd’s experience and passion for high-quality meat and seafood is unparalleled within the industry. Check out his tips for selecting, preparing and cooking your best holiday centerpiece ever!

The Cutting Edge

“Carving a turkey can be intimidating. Start with a sharp knife—ask our Butcher about our free knife sharpening service. At the table, remove the drum and thigh first, then cut into the breast in a horizontal position at the base as far as you can go. Then, slice the breast into the desired serving thickness in a vertical direction. Separate the drum and thigh and slice, if desired, or serve whole. Repeat the same process on both sides of your bird.”

The Right Amount

“Whether your turkey is fresh or frozen, a good rule of thumb is to buy 1-2 pounds per guest, depending on how big you perceive their appetite will be. Keep in mind that the smallest turkey you can order is 10 pounds.”

Can’t-Fail Main Course

“Hams are an easy and foolproof main meal or additional item to serve with a turkey. Just ask one of our team members for advice on variety (whole, half, spiral-sliced and boneless) and how much you’ll need—usually it’s ¾ pound per person for bone-in and ½ pound per person for boneless. Cooking instructions are included on all packaging for best results.”

Rare Birds and Beasts

“Do something different this year—ask our Butcher about what specialty, seasonal meats they have available, like duck, goose, capon, kosher turkey, pheasant or lamb legs and racks.”

Prime Rib Yule Love

“Beginning in December, we offer premium prime rib roast and choice rib roast. They’re never deep chilled like our competitors’ prime rib, and we’ll even provide complimentary custom cutting, cradling and seasoning.”

Defrost Bite

“Thawing should take place in your refrigerator. It takes 24 hours for every 5 pounds of frozen turkey.”

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