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Let us sharpen your experience

We pride ourselves on having the best local butchers, passionately one-upping our competitors on service and quality, while keeping our prices fair and consistent.

And to show you we mean business, here are a few secret services you may not have known about:

Free knife sharpening

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Grab a free knife sleeve on your next visit to our Meat Department.
  2. Place your non-serrated knife in the sleeve and bring to your local butcher.
  3. Come back in 24 hours to pick up your newly sharpened blade.

Custom cutting, seasoning, and wrapping

Purchase any meat from us, and we’ll provide free custom cutting and wrapping. Plus, choose from a wide assortment of seasoning and marinade options at no extra cost so you can save time! Now that’s a juicy offer.

If you’re buying a Rib Roast, we’ll cradle and hand-tie it for you upon request free of charge. Let us help you achieve that perfect presentation and make your life easier.

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