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Naturally Sweet

Almost everywhere you go during the holiday season, irresistible desserts are an offer – from office cookie swaps to lavish dinners with desserts to match.

If you have diabetes, you don’t have to feel left out when the sweet offerings come around. Go ahead and treat yourself occasionally, as long as the amount of carbs you eat fits into your meal plan.

How to Make it Work

Since the total amount of carbs you have in a meal affects your glucose levels more than the type of carbs, if you cut back on carb-laden bread, potatoes or corn during the meal, you can save your carbs for dessert.

Remember to make sweets an occasional treat, always have only a small portion (sharing a dessert is a great idea at a restaurant) and enjoy every bite!

For holidays at home, we offer two tasty and naturally sweet options to share with friends and family. Fruity Apricot Squares with Almonds and Coconut get their concentrated sweetness from dried apricots. If you’re attending an event where you need to contribute a dish – bring these and you’ll know there’s a naturally sweet dessert option for yourself and others watching their carb intake.

When the event calls for something fancier (but still easy!), Grilled Mango with Raspberry Sauce, Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts pairs lush colorful fruits with a sprinkle of nuts and chocolate for a stunning presentation. You can grill them indoors with a grill pan.

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