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Raley’s Food For Families Raises Over $3 Million for Local Food Banks

Raley’s non-profit sets new record with 43% increase in total year-over-year donations 

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Raley’s Food For Families Annual Holiday Drive raised over $3 million throughout the 2020 holiday season, the largest amount ever donated in the organization’s 35 years of hosting the eventThe donations, which came from customers in-store and online between November 2 and December 31will provide more than three million meals for those suffering from food insecurity in northern California and Nevada.  

“The generosity we have seen this past year within the communities we serve is incredible,” said Becca Whitman, Executive Director of Raley’s Food For Families. “It is no secret that 2020 was an especially difficult yearso we cannot thank our customers enough for their outpouring of support to help their neighbors in need during even the toughest of times. They are the ones who truly deserve the recognition.”  

Raley’s Food For Families works every day to alleviate hunger locally by partnering with 12 regional food banks across the company’s footprint in northern California and Nevada. This year’s Annual Holiday Drive was especially important because these partners, which typically serve 1.4 million food insecure individuals each month, saw an increase of an average of 95% in those using their services in 2020. 

Although this year’s Annual Holiday Drive has ended, Raley’s accepts donations year-round at check stand pin pads at all store locations and online to support Food For Families. Donations stay local to aid the communities in which they were made, and Raley’s covers all administrative costs for Food For Families, ensuring one hundred percent of donations benefit food bank partners and those in need. 

To learn more about Raley’s Food For Families or to donate, 

Raley’s Food For Families Raises $2.1 Million for Local Food Banks

Raley's Food for Families Logo

Raley’s non-profit sets new record and surpasses goal with more than 30% increase in total donations


West Sacramento, CA— Raley’s Food For Families Annual Holiday Drive raised $2.1 million this holiday season, the largest amount ever donated in the organization’s 33 years of hosting the event. The donations came from customers, vendors and team members and will make a direct impact on those suffering from food insecurity in northern California and Nevada.

Raley’s Food For Families partners with 12 regional food banks across the company’s footprint, stretching from northern California through western Nevada. The food bank leaders support the over 1.4 million food insecure individuals in these areas with services and food donated by Raley’s.

“Although we all have unique and very personal reasons for where and why we give, clearly, our customers care deeply about alleviating hunger and helping their neighbors.  We are so fortunate to share this ability to make a difference with such generous donors that shop at our stores,” said Becca Whitman, Executive Director of Raley’s Food For Families.

This year, the organization expanded the holiday bag product to include more variety. Working with their food bank partners, and keeping nutrition top of mind, Raley’s Food For Families developed a product list that caters to the direct needs of their local communities. For some food agencies, this annual campaign keeps the warehouse full well beyond the holiday season.

In calendar year 2019, Raley’s Food For Families made a significant change, increasing donation capabilities for their generous customers. Raley’s introduced the option to make a donation on check stand pin pads at 128 locations. With the support of this technology, it helped increase 2019 holiday donations by more than thirty percent.

To learn more about Raley’s Food For Families and to learn how to donate visit

About Raley’s Food  For Families

Raley’s Food  Fo r Families is a registered 501(c)3 organization providing food to Feeding America food banks and their network of partner agencies. The year-round program serves the communities of Northern California and Western Nevada through Raley’s, Bel Air Market, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source stores.

Raley’s Food  Fo r Families began as a holiday food drive in 1986 and was founded by Co-Chairman and Owner Joyce Raley Teel and CEO emeritus Charles Collings. In the past 33 years, the organization has raised over $42 million and 40 million pounds of fresh wholesome food. With a long commitment to local communities, Raley’s Food For Families continues to grow and thrive as an organization dedicated to health and happiness for those experiencing food insecurity.   Raley’s covers one-hundred percent of the administrative costs for the non-profit, meaning all donations go directly to the food bank partners.

Raley’s Windsor Reopens with New Look

Raley’s has reopened its location in Windsor, at the corner of Lakewood Drive and Brooks Road S. The 32,000-square-foot newly redesigned and remodeled store offers fresh, high-quality and healthy products in a format tailored to complement the local community.

The Windsor store has been enhanced to offer fresh grocery items, an extensive selection of grab-and-go prepared foods, and an updated full-service deli, sushi and bakery department. This remodel extends Raley’s vision to infuse life with health and happiness and offers an extensive variety of natural and organic products. Customers can expect high-quality products at affordable prices.

“We are excited to share our improved shopping experience with our customers,” said Sam Saad, Raley’s store team leader. “From freshly prepared food, to the inviting seating area, we hope this new modern store is a destination for the Windsor Community.”

Raley’s closed their Windsor location on June 2 to complete a comprehensive remodel. The 36-year-old store received infrastructure upgrades to the building, along with a new modern interior. The remodel investment provides an easier and better shopping experience for customers.

Raley’s e-commerce service is available, allowing customers to shop online and pick-up in-store. As an extension of Raley’s commitment to world class customer service, eCartcustomers can specify their produce/shopping preferences, which are hand-selected by a Raley’s e-commerce personal shopper.

During the remodel, Raley’s team members shifted to other locations. A total of 57 team members returned to the store with several promotions given in the food service department. Raley’s hired an additional 21 team members to support the remodeled store.


The grand opening celebration was held today in partnership with the Windsor Town Council, Windsor Chamber of Commerce and community members. For details on all upcoming events and activities follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Raley’s Ongoing Commitment

As a purpose-driven and value-based company, we make every effort to be transparent with our customers. We wish to share Raley’s ongoing commitment to prevent discrimination and racial profiling of customers.

We regularly reiterate our policies against discrimination with all team members.

Annually, all employees will be required to take diversity and inclusion training including a focus on explicit and implicit bias.

As part of new hire orientation, new hires will be required to take an enhanced inclusion and bias training within the first week of hire. A proven third-party firm with expertise in diversity and inclusion is being utilized to influence the development of all training materials and processes as well as provide other recommendations. A proven third-party firm is being utilized to audit relevant policies for internal review and governance.

Respect and inclusion for all people is the minimum acceptable standard. Raley’s has a long-standing relationship with the communities we serve. We are proud of how our team members handle millions of interactions with customers each year. We’ve made a commitment to do even better as an organization.

For more information, please contact Chelsea Minor, Corporate Director of Consumer & Public Affairs at

Racism, Prejudice

Raley’s Sets Transition Schedule for New Reno Area Locations

Raley’s will complete conversion of purchased Scolari’s stores by mid-June.

Beginning May 21st, Raley’s will begin to assume operations of five Scolari’s Food & Drug locations and one Sak ‘N’Save store, on a staggered transition schedule. Each store will have their own unique transition timeline, but all six locations will be fully converted to Raley’s ownership by June 10.

Each of the purchased stores will close for two days, where the stores will go through a transition and reopen as Raley’s. This includes the Sak ‘N Save that will keep its name but reopen under Raley’s leadership.

Raley’s will begin to remerchandise the stores with their best fresh products, including enhanced offerings in fresh meat, produce and food service. Prepared food offerings will range from rotisserie chicken and tri-tip, to Raley’s Ready-to-go meals, and in-house prepared salads. The store will include Raley’s line of handcrafted cakes, fresh fruit desserts and expanded line of single serve desserts.Raley’s also will add their private label products to the shelves.

“Customers will see an immediate change in the product offerings at an affordable price,” said Keith Knopf, President of Raley’s. “We believe customers will be impressed with Raley’s enhanced prepared food offerings with quality ingredients. We hope to gain their trust and loyalty as they try our offerings.”

Scolari’s Food & Drug employees were encouraged to apply for employment as Raley’s team members, and of those who applied, 95% have been hired. In addition, four of the stores will be managed by the same leadership. There are still open positions available,

Raley’s is committed to providing great products at affordable prices. Raley’s recommends customers take advantage of their many opportunities to save:

Each of the stores will have a dedicated Facebook page for customers to keep up with new product offerings, store news and savings opportunities. “Like” the store’s Facebook page to stay up to date.

Store Transition Milestones

  1. Sak ‘N Save: 1901 Silverada Boulevard, Reno, NV
    1. Will close Monday, May 21 at 5:00 pm
    2. Will reopen on Thursday, May 24 at 8:00 am.
  2. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 3310 South McCarran Boulevard, Reno, NV
    1. Will close Thursday, May 24 at 5:00 pm
    2. Will reopen as Raley’s on Sunday, May 27 at 7:00 am.
  3. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 4788 Caughlin Parkway, Reno, NV
    1. Will close Monday, May 28 at 5:00 pm
    2. Will reopen as Raley’s on Thursday, May 31 at 7:00 am.
  4. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 1400 US Highway 95A North, Fernley, NV
    1. Will close on Thursday, May 31 at 5:00 pm
    2. Willreopen as Raley’s on Sunday, June 3 at 7:00 am.
  5. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 176 West Goldfield Avenue, Yerington, NV
    1. Will close on Monday, June 4 at 5:00 pm
    2. Will reopen as Raley’s on Thursday, June 7 at 7:00 am.
  6. Scolari’s Food & Drug: Hwy 95 – Air Force Road, Tonopah, NV
    1. Will close on Thursday, June 7 at 5:00 pm
    2. Will reopen as Raley’s on Sunday, June 10 at 7:00 am.

Raley’s Purchases Six Fellow Family Business Locations from Scolari’s Food & Drug

Raley's store locationRaley’s adds six stores to their company footprint in Nevada.

Raley’s announced plans to purchase six Scolari’s Food and Drug locations in Northern Nevada. As a third-generation family-owned grocery operator, Raley’s is prepared to assume operations of the purchased Scolari’s stores, which will be transferred to the Raley’s banner. Under the terms of the agreement, Raley’s will purchase five locations of Scolari’s Food and Drug and one Sak ‘N Save.

“I am pleased that Raley’s will reach and serve even more customers. Making healthy and affordable food available to more people aligns with our purpose to infuse life with health and happiness, by changing the way the world eats, one plate at a time,” said Michael Teel, Raley’s Chairman & CEO.

Raley’s has a strong history operating grocery stores in Nevada. Raley’s has been a community supporter since 1959. The company currently operates eleven Raley’s locations, one Food Source and two Aisle One fuel stations in Nevada.

“The network of Scolari’s stores offers great synergies in a market we already operate,” said Raley’s CFO Ken Mueller.

“We expect to build on the existing customer base by offering even more products and categories at a price that is affordable. The Raley’s team will actively listen to customers, and we look forward to learning what the customers want and need from us,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s President. “We take seriously the stewardship passed to us by the Scolari’s family and will work to preserve the positive impact they have created.”

Raley’s will transition five Scolari’s locations to the Raley’s banner, and the Sak ‘N Save will keep its name and operate as part of the Food Source division of Raley’s. The transition is expected to be completed by late spring, 2018.

More details of the purchase will be available at a later date.

“With complementary markets and strong family values, we believe Raley’s was the right partner to assume the operation of the six locations of our family business,” said Joey Scolari, Chief Executive Officer, Scolari’s Food & Drug. “We are confident our customers and employees will be served well under the stewardship of the Raley’s organization.”

The Scolari’s family will continue to operate and serve its customers in Sparks and Sun Valley. The Food Partners represented Scolari’s in its evaluation of strategic alternatives including as its financial advisor in the sale to Raley’s.

List of store locations to be transferred to Raley’s:

  1. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 3310 South McCarran Boulevard, Reno, NV
  2. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 4788 Caughlin Parkway, Reno, NV
  3. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 1400 US Highway 95A North, Fernley, NV
  4. Scolari’s Food & Drug: 176 West Goldfield Avenue, Yerington, NV
  5. Scolari’s Food & Drug: Hwy 95 – Air Force Road, Tonopah, NV
  6. Sak ‘N Save: 1901 Silverada Boulevard, Reno, NV

In the 1990s, Raley’s purchased two other family-owned grocery brands, Nob Hill Foods in the Bay Area and Bel Air Markets in the Sacramento region. The company currently operates 122 stores under four banners. The additional stores will increase the total store count to 128.

Local Food Banks Receive 3.7 Million Meals from Raley’s Food For Families Holiday Bag Drive

This year’s donation marks a 29 percent increase over last year, and totals nearly $4 million worth of donated food.

For more than 140,000 families in communities surrounding Raley’s stores, this holiday season was a more fulfilling one. This year’s annual Raley’s Food For Families holiday bag drive, which provides wholesome food for northern California and Nevada families, culminated in a donation of 3,759,535 meals, representing a 29% increase over last year.

The Raley’s Food For Families holiday bag drive, in its 31st year, is an initiative that takes place across Raley’s family of stores to help nourish its community. From November 1 through December 31, Raley’s customers were encouraged to donate $10 for a bag of groceries worth almost $30 retail. The result: a historic drive, resulting in 144,597 total bags donated. Altogether, Raley’s customers donated $1,445,970, and Raley’s contributed more than $2.5 million- totaling more than $4 million in food donated!

Each holiday bag was comprised of more than 23 pounds of nourishing and good-for-you foods; enough to feed a family of four 26 meals. Raley’s team members specifically selected nutritious items for the bag that met one or more of the company’s Shelf Guide labels. In fact, 80 percent of the items met Raley’s nutrient-dense and minimally processed attributes. Items in the bag ranged from a gallon of milk and fresh bananas and potatoes to whole grain penne pasta and Raley’s Purely Made organic pasta sauce.

“Year after year, Raley’s goes above and beyond in supporting our families with quality food they can feel good about eating. This season’s donations are no different. And while we’re grateful for help over the holidays, hunger is a problem year-round,” says Dave Martinez, Executive Director of Placer Food Bank. “We thank Raley’s and its customers for being committed to helping our members’ health throughout the entire year.”

All of Raley’s 122 stores that were open at the time of the holiday bag program participated. They each worked with local food bank partners to distribute the bags to those in need in the community. Raley’s Food For Families accepts donations all year to cater to the needs of their nearby food banks.

“I cannot say enough how proud I am of Raley’s customers and team members for providing such tremendous support to the annual bag drive. The results demonstrate the power of teamwork and banding together to donate nourishing and much-needed food to bring health and happiness to our community,” said Becca Whitman, Community Relations Manager for Raley’s & Executive Director for Raley’s Food for Families.

The customers are the real heroes that Raley’s commends for stepping up to help their fellow community members. Raley’s could not have put food on as many tables or fed as many mouths without the support of the community. Over the past few weeks, a few customers have shared their inspiring stories:

Raley’s Food For Families program runs 365 days of the year to cater to those in need. For more information and to learn how to donate, visit

Putting the ‘FIELD’ back in Field Trips – Central Valley Farmland Trust and Raley’s take school kids from the farm to the food on their fork with Steamboat Acres

Central Valley Farm Land Trust (CVFT) is excited to announce the continuation of our pilot program, Kids to Farm.  Although we are surrounded by farmland, most students have no understanding of how their food grows.  In partnership with Raley’s, and with assistance from California Ag in the Classroom and Steamboat Acres organic farm, CVFT is working to close this learning gap.

“Helping kids understand and appreciate where their food comes from is important for the future of our food supply.  Our goal is to educate children about agriculture, to help them gain an appreciation for the precious, limited land resources we have in the Central Valley,” said Charlotte Mitchell, CVFT Executive Director. “We plan to do many more tours and in more locations in 2018.”

Most recently, as a part of the pilot program, fifty 4th graders from Lodi Unified School District attended field trips on October 17 and 18 visiting a working farm. The field trips kick off at Steamboat Acres organic farm in Courtland, with an educational tour led by farmers Michael and Tara Neuharth.  On their tour, students discovered the differences between conventional and organic farming, how male and female flowers and pollination work, the importance of soil care and crop rotation, and how long it takes to grow pears versus pumpkins. The tour culminated at a local Raley’s grocery store where managers showed students how produce is delivered to the store, is organized, and then readied for purchase. The students finished off with a nutritious lunch provided by Raley’s – bringing the farm to fork concept full circle for them.

Part of the mission of the Central Valley Farmland Trust is to educate the next generation about where their food comes from so they more intimately understand the preciousness of the farmland that grows it – and the necessity to protect it.

“Raley’s is committed to growing the next generation of healthy eaters and in that vein, we need farmers who are focused on sustaining our farm land,” said Becca Whitman, Raley’s Community Relations Manager & Executive Director, Food for Families. “Our partnership with Central Valley Farmland Trust allows us to show youth how their food is grown and at the same time, emphasize the importance of preserving agricultural lands.  It’s a great combination of nutrition education, sustainability education and workforce development.”

Students and teachers alike appreciate the access to a high-quality learning environment, “This was a great trip for my class. Our kids could see and touch their food growing in the field and then come to the store where they can buy it and take it home – it was awesome!” said an attending 4th grade teacher.

The next field trips will be held November 1 and 2, 2017, at Steamboat Acres in Courtland. Media interested in attending may contact CVFT for more information.  We invite you to come see for yourself the light in these kids eyes as they learn about their food, touch and taste on the farm, and make the full circle connection at the grocery store.

For more information, please contact:

Melanee Cottrill, or (916) 667-2217

Raley’s Invests Nearly $300,000 to Benefit Kids’ Health and Wellness

182015599_ExtraCreditGrantsToolkit_Infographic_v2Raley’s Extra Credit Fall Grantees Selected – Nearly 40 Schools in California & Nevada to Benefit. 

Through their redesigned Extra Credit Grants Program, Raley’s will make a direct impact on youth nutrition and wellness education by sharing education grants in the communities they serve. Raley’s received a diverse set of proposals from local accredited K-12 schools and school districts– requests spanned from supporting the delivery of a complete food literacy curriculum to the purchase and installation of water filtration and bottle filling stations.

“At the heart of Raley’s philanthropic endeavors is community wellness and nutrition,” says Becca Whitman, Raley’s Community Relations Manager & Executive Director, Raley’s Food for Families. “Our Extra Credit program is committed to supporting our schools and school districts in their efforts to encourage healthy eating and strengthen nutrition education.”

After extensive review by Raley’s Extra Credit Grants Program Committee, comprised of key Raley’s team members and community stakeholders, Raley’s is excited to grant nearly 40 grantees funding, supporting programs and activities that benefit kids’ nutrition and wellness.

Raley’s will be distributing nearly $300,000 to local schools this Fall. Some key areas of program focus for these grantees include:

Raley’s Extra Credit Grants Program will be accepting applications again for the Spring 2018 cycle January 1, 2018. Accredited K-12 schools and school districts are encouraged to apply for grant funding to support programs that will help students in the areas of food literacy, healthy living, nutrition, agriculture, and food supply and origination. Schools and school districts that want to help Raley’s impact the health and wellness of our communities are encouraged to apply during the Spring 2018 funding cycle in January 2018.

Raley’s Offers Support to Northern California Fire Relief Efforts


As 17 separate fires burn across eight counties, encompassing a 115,000 acre area of Northern California, more than 20,000 people have been evacuated, and countless people have lost their homes, their businesses, their schools, and are displaced from their community.

The scale of this tragedy is unimaginable, and as a Northern CA business, Raley’s understands this devastation and is here to help our communities.


October 10: Raley’s has dispatched two refrigerated trucks carrying supplies to meet the most immediate needs of victims as outlined by the Office of Emergency Services and the Red Cross— apples, bananas, baby diapers, baby formula, water and adult diapers. Our trucks will stay in Sonoma and Napa Counties to provide the Office of Emergency Services support as they distribute needed items to various evacuation centers across the area.

Our nearby stores REMAIN OPEN and ready to serve: Raley’s in Santa Rosa, Raley’s in Napa, and Nob Hill in Napa.

Our local team members are working around the clock to help our neighbors in need.

In addition, Raley’s Food For Families partners in the area are serving the victims:  the Salvation Army of Santa Rosa or the Redwood Empire Food Bank.


Raley’s is accepting donations at our nearby locations at each cash register!

Sign up to volunteer with the Red Cross.

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund is collecting cash donations.

Donate to local animal shelters: Humane Society of Sonoma County:, Humane Society of Napa County:, and Yuba-Sutter SPCA:

Text your zip code to 888777 to sign up for Nixle, a service that provides immediate alerts from local public safety and government agencies.

Please note that emergency services around the Bay Area are overwhelmed right now, and do not need more calls unless you have an immediate emergency.

Stay off the roads, if possible, as you are hindering emergency vehicles and urgent evacuees from getting through.