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Our Meat Department Services

This holiday season, take advantage of our meat department services. Get free knife sharpening before you carve your turkey this Thanksgiving! Plus enjoy complimentary cutting, wrapping, marinades and more.

Purchase any meat from us, and we’ll provide free custom cutting and wrapping. We also do special cuts including cradled rib roasts for easier carving. Plus, choose from a wide assortment of seasoning and marinade options at no extra cost, so you can get more compliments and save time!

You’ve spent hours cooking the perfectly brined Thanksgiving turkey, and finally, it’s time for the big reveal to your family. Perhaps they’re even making collective drumroll sounds. Then, the anti-climactic moment of awkwardly sawing your bird with a dull carving knife lessens the impact. Not this year! Take advantage of our free knife sharpening service. Simply grab a free knife sleeve from our Meat Department on your next visit, then bring your sleeved knife to a butcher. They’ll skillfully sharpen your blade, and you can pick it up 24 hours later. Impress your guests with the perfectly sharpened knife for your centerpiece carving moment.

Discover holiday items not available at other retailers—like geese, ducks, quail, Kosher turkeys, lamb, fire-glazed hams, special order 100% sustainable seafood trays and other unique items. You can special order items for later pickup, or shop online for time-saving store pickup or home delivery in select locations. Not sure what to do with the meat or seafood you purchased? Our expert team members are happy to assist with cooking tips and instructions.

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