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Peaches: Nutrition

A fresh summer peach is so sweet, they taste more like dessert than a fruit. But under that fuzzy exterior lies a whole lot of juicy goodness like the powerful antioxidant vitamin C.

You may have heard the phrase “eat the rainbow,” but what does that mean? Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables can provide numerous health benefits, and the deeper the color the better.

With their bright orange flesh, peaches are no exception. Like other orange fruits and vegetables, their deep color is a clue to the kind of nutritional punch they pack.

Fruit and vegetable plants produce special compounds called phytochemicals, which bring color, flavor and protective benefits to their produce. When you eat them, you can also reap these healthful benefits.

To keep your peaches peachy keen, store them at room temperature until ripe, then put them in the fridge.

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