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Ploughman’s Lunch

As lunchtime approaches and you find yourself chained to a desk or running between errands, it’s tempting to simply grab take-out, or worse, skip lunch. Not only does the cost add up – $14 for salad and sandwich, five days a week? – but it’s more difficult to make choices that align with your culinary priorities.

Enter the Ploughman’s Lunch from England.
While its origins date back hundreds of years, the modern iteration took root around the 1960s when a marketing firm began pushing beer, bread and cheese as a pub lunch. Cold meat and pickles were later added, which opened the door to a wide variety of additions. Our California variation resembles the meeting of a cheese board and a deconstructed sandwich. For a more well-rounded meal, we’ve added eggs, nuts, greens and fruit. With little to no prep involved, the Ploughman’s Lunch can save you time and money on a workday meal.

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