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Pomegranate: Meet the Grower

One of the best places for growing pomegranates? A desert in the San Joaquin Valley.

At the lower end of the San Joaquin Valley, you’ll find a desert that has become home to pomegranate orchards. One grower, David White of Trinity Fruit, has been growing pomegranates there for 17 years. Trinity, the second largest grower of pomegranates in the country, offers a range of varieties, including Early Wonderful, Wonderful and Aco, an Israeli variety that is exclusive to them in North America. Trinity is also committed to sustainability. Although pomegranates are more drought-tolerant than other fruit trees, they still practice water recycling to limit their water usage. They’ve also installed 9½ acres of solar panels on one of their fruit processing sheds, with the intention of meeting 50% of their energy needs through solar power by summer 2017. And Trinity is thinking about the next generation, too. “We offer internships to students from Fresno State and other local schools to teach them about the importance of agriculture and sustainability,” says David.

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