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Pomegranate: Nutrition


What makes the pomegranate so special?

Pomegranates provide essential nutrients like potassium and vitamins C and K(1), as well as phytochemicals that may help promote longevity.(2) They also have dietary fiber that may regulate the digestive tract and help manage energy levels.

How do you choose the best pomegranate? “Hold a pomegranate in each hand and go with the heavier one – it has more sugar and juice,” says Trinity Fruit pomegranate grower David White.

Look for a deep red outer rind, but smaller brown blemishes are normal because the tree’s thorns may scratch the fruit – it doesn’t affect the quality of the arils inside. Choose a firm fruit with tough skin and no spots.

Pomegranates will last up to two months in the fridge.

(1) USDA Food Composition Databases
(2) Phytochemicals: The Cancer Fighters in the Foods We Eat

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