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Pre-Game Meals

Avoid greasy and fried foods before the game. The nutrition goal before a game is to maximize carbohydrate stores in the muscles and liver. Eating foods like pasta, whole grain breads and rice, oatmeal, milk, milk products and fruit (except bananas and dried fruit) can help with this.


  • Pasta in a low-fat tomato sauce, baked beans or scrambled eggs on toast and fresh fruit such as apples, pears or orange juice.
    • Some grilled fish or chicken and vegetables could accompany the carbohydrates.

This type of meal should be eaten at least 3 – 4 hours prior to the game, especially if you are a bit excited or nervous about the match as this can impair digestion.

Why 3-4 hours before?

Your body puts a strong focus on digesting meals. If you eat a lot too close to the game or play with a full stomach, you could become nauseous. There is one exception to consuming carbohydrate immediately prior to the start of a game and it’s in the form of a sports drink 5 or 10 minutes before kickoff. 

Youth Soccer Nutrition

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