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Save Time with Meal Kits

Especially during the holidays or on hectic weeknights, getting dinner on the table can be overwhelming. Save time with Meal Kits. Depending on what your pain points are when it comes to cooking, we’ve got different solutions to fit your needs. All of the options below are so easy, you could even get your kids to have fun making dinner while you supervise and multitask.

Meal Kits

If you like the experience of following a recipe but lack the time to browse recipes, hand-select ingredients at the store or measure them out in the kitchen, our Meal Kits come with pre-portioned ingredients, boxed with everything you need. Make a delicious, fresh meal from scratch without the guesswork. Each Meal Kit serves two.

Quick Kits

Grab an optional Rotisserie Chicken in our Deli and one of our Quick Kits to get dinner on the table fast. All the ingredients are pre-portioned and pre-chopped to expedite your mmm moment. Quick Kits serve two to four people.

Build-Your-Own Kits

If you like getting creative or following simple recipes with pre-chopped ingredients, our Build-Your-Own Kits let you mix-and-match meal components. Pick a protein, vegetable blend, starch and sauce and you’re off and running to an easy dinner for four.

Save even more time when you shop our Meal Kits online.

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