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Steak and Shrimp Béarnaise Meal Kit

Cook an easy and affordable dinner at home with our newly launched Steak and Shrimp Béarnaise Meal Kit, perfect for Valentine’s Day. This chef-created meal is an elegant spread, complete with mouthwatering New York steak and succulent shrimp. On the side, red mashed potatoes, asparagus and béarnaise sauce round out your plate.

Serve two with this Meal Kit and have it on the table in only 35 minutes. That means more time for snuggling. Plus, save $5 on Meal Kits from February 6th through April 11th. Simplify and savor any evening at the best value.

Oh, and one last thing. If you really want to be lazy with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you can shop our Meal Kits online. Select time-saving store pickup or home delivery and you won’t even have to set foot in a store.


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