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Summer Best – Blueberries

Munger Farms Stockton, CA

Family farmers stretching back generations. Raley’s farmers for 3 years.


  • Studies suggest that blueberries can protect against DNA damage, a leading cause of many age-related diseases.(1)
  • Blueberries are believed to contain some of the highest amounts of phytochemicals, offering a variety of protective health benefits.

Tips from Asha Munger, Senior Director of Corporate Services, Munger Farms.

How to Select

  • Their name says it all; look for bright blue blueberries for the freshest fruit.
  • The white powder sometimes found on blueberries and grapes is called the bloom. The bloom is nature’s protection against bacteria and comes off when washed.

How to Store

  • Stored in the refrigerator in their original clamshell packaging, blueberries can keep up to three weeks.
  • Discard wrinkly or moldy blueberries.

A Farmer’s Story

“My grandfather, Lajpat Rai Munger, was a huge influence on our family,” Asha says. “He taught us how to work and be a family, a team and a member of the community.” Asha’s grandfather built a hospital and university to serve rural farming communities in India, which still operate today.

(1) Effect of a Wild Blueberry Drink Intervention on Markers of Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Endothelial Functions in Humans with Cardiovascular Risk Factors

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