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Summer Best – Cherries

Delta Packing Co., Costamagna Farms Lodi, CA

California farmers for close to 100 years. Raley’s farmers for more than 20 years.


  • Cherries are sweet and a good source of fiber, making them a naturally satisfying and filling snack.
  • Some research suggests cherries can help combat post-workout soreness.(1)

Tips from Berton Costamagna, Vice President Delta Packing Co.

How to Select

  • Look for green stems, suggesting the freshest fruit. Dry, brown or brittle stems may suggest the fruit is not as fresh or has been exposed to heat.

How to Store

  • Keep, uncovered, in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

A Farmer’s Story

“As early as 6- or 7-years-old,” Berton recalls, “I would put on my work boots and hat and go into the orchards with my grandfather. He would give us projects to help us learn. When a tree was sick, we learned how to nurse it back to health. That was our livelihood, the health of the orchard was very important.”

(1) Efficacy of Tart Cherry Juice in Reducing Muscle Pain During Running: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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