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Summer Best – Grapes

Grapery Shafter, CA

Third-generation California grape farmers. Raley’s farmers for 6 years


  • Despite their odd sizes, shapes and flavors, Tear Drop and Cotton Candy grapes are traditionally cross-pollinated and are non-GMO.
  • Grapes are high in phytochemicals linked to heart health.(1)

Tips from Jim Beagle, CEO, Grapery.

How to Select

  • Taste the grapes before you buy them – it’s not stealing, Raley’s wants you to love the produce you take home.
  • A lot of people associate bright green stems with freshness, but with Cotton Candy grapes they’re harvested when the fruit is so ripe that the stems have started to turn woody or brown. Look for a high yellow color in grapes that look like they’ve been on the vine for a long time.
  • The best Tear Drops are going to be firm and large with a dark red color.

How to Store

  • Store grapes in the plastic bag in your refrigerator, washing when ready to eat.
    Cotton Candy grapes develop their unique flavor when cold and can even be frozen for year-round enjoyment.
  • Tear Drops, and other varieties, taste better at room temperature.

A Farmer’s Story

“Producing something healthy for people to make healthy choices in their diet is a rewarding thing,” Jim says. “We get flooded with emails every day during the season telling us how great they taste. We hear how kids won’t eat healthy unless it’s our grapes. People who are 100-years-old, say they’re the best grapes they’ve tasted in 100 years. It’s so much fun to hear those reactions and see people making healthy choices with something that tastes great.”

(1) Grapes and Cardiovascular Disease

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