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Summer Best – Stone Fruit

Family Tree Farms Reedley, CA

Eighth-generation farmers. Raley’s farmers for close to 20 years.


Research suggests peaches may help detox your body naturally.(1)

Nectarines are a good source of antioxidant vitamin A, which promotes healthy aging.

Tips from Daniel Jackson, co-owner-operator, Family Tree Farms.

How to Select

For peaches and nectarines, color is the best indicator of maturity. Look for background colors of yellow or orange, avoiding hints of green.

How to Store

Stone fruit is best enjoyed within a few days of purchase. To ripen, a fruit bowl is just as effective as a paper bag and looks much nicer in your home.

A Farmer’s Story

“So many jobs in the world today, you can’t touch or feel the result,” Daniel says. “We’re producing food for people that they can enjoy. That’s rewarding, we’re enjoying what we do every day.”

(1) Protective Effect of White-fleshed Peach on Chronic Nicotine-induced Toxicity

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