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Summer Best – Watermelon

Vierra Farms West Sacramento, CA

Fourth-generation California farmers. Raley’s farmers for close to 10 years.


Watermelon’s red color comes from lycopene, which has been shown to support heart health(1) and promote prostate health in men.(2)

Tips from Dave Vierra, Owner, Vierra Farms.

How to Select

Tap it. A hollow sound means the watermelon is fresh. A thud means it’s overripe.

To check for ripeness, look for a dark green or almost black rind. A bright yellow spot indicates it’s been resting on the ground, growing, for some time but not all watermelons develop the yellow spot.

How to Store

In the refrigerator or on the counter ­– it all depends on how cold you like your watermelon.

If storing in the refrigerator, only remove when ready to eat. After cutting, promptly return to the refrigerator, covering the exposed flesh with plastic wrap.

A Farmer’s Story

The Black Seedless Watermelon is probably the best seedless watermelon we’ve ever tried,” Dave says. “It’s everything you’d expect from a sweet, juicy red watermelon. It reminds me of sucking on a watermelon candy, it’s that sweet.”


(1) Lycopene and Cardiovascular Diseases: An Update

(2) Watermelon Lycopene and Allied Health Claims

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