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Turkish Breakfast

Find the perfect combination with this Turkish-inspired breakfast sampler.

In Turkey, a traditional breakfast – or kahvalti – ranges from region to region but usually consists of cheese, bread, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and tea.

Moving beyond our preconceptions of breakfast can open our table to a world of dishes. Our take on Turkish breakfast features readily available options that still deliver something new and refreshing to the breakfast table. Plus, with little to no cooking required, it’s perfect for last-minute guests or large groups.

Mix and Match Menu

Our Turkish Breakfast is a perfect guide to a quick, nutritious breakfast. Start with our list and then customize to find your favorite combination of flavors.


Fresh, whole grain bread or flatbreads, such as naan, lavash or pita

Feta Cheese

Beyaz peynir, a salty unpasteurized cheese, is common
in Turkey but a mild, high-quality feta is a nice substitute


A touch of local honey adds sweetness to feta and tea alike

Sliced Cucumbers and Tomatoes Drizzled with Olive Oil

Add fresh herbs such as parsley, dill, mint or basil

Sliced Sweet Peppers or Green Bell Peppers

Served raw, they add crunch and a crisp bite


Drizzled in olive oil or marinated with herbs


A pot of black tea is subtler than coffee and still encourages guests to linger over conversation

Hard Boiled Eggs

Easy to make and store in advance


Try quince or fig jams. Packed with flavor, a little goes a long way

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