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Understanding Added Sugar Intake

Added sugar is hiding in many surprising packaged foods and beverages. Therefore, added sugar intake has increased drastically in the United States. Many people don’t realize how much sugar they’re actually consuming. So, we’re shining a light on this issue to help you can make informed choices.

Bold Moves
We moved all of the breakfast cereals that are higher in added sugar to the bottom shelf. We’ve posted shelf tags on cereal products that are higher in added sugar. And if you’re looking to quickly find cereals that are lower in added sugar, we’ve posted tags on those items as well.

Learn more about this topic if it’s of interest to you. Watch animated videos about added sugar. Our corporate dietitian provides great information about the science behind how the added sugar in cereal products was measured. You can learn about how to calculate your own sugar intake. Also explore references and video content on our Sugar Awareness landing page.


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