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Please note: We are no longer accepting for-profit organization or commercial events...
It's easy to request an Event Center room at one of our stores. Simply fill out the form below and a confirmation of your reservation will be emailed directly to you shortly. Please read the terms and conditions located on the right side of this page before completing this form.

If you should need to cancel or change a previously scheduled event, please call the store directly.

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Raley's, 2400 Sand Creek Road, Brentwood, CA
Capacity: 18 Check Schedule
Bel Air, 3510 Palmer Dr., Cameron Park, CA
Capacity: Check Schedule
Raley's, 3935 Park Dr., El Dorado Hills, CA
Capacity: 35 Check Schedule
Raley's, 4900 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA
Capacity: 20 Check Schedule
Raley's, 4840 San Juan Ave., Fair Oaks, CA
Capacity: 25 Check Schedule
Raley's, 10430 Twin Cities Road, Galt, CA
Capacity: 18 Check Schedule
Raley's, 6845 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, CA
Capacity: 30 Check Schedule
Raley's, 39 Lincoln Blvd., Lincoln, CA
Capacity: 21 Check Schedule
Raley's, 3020 Floyd Avenue, Suite 139, Modesto, CA
Capacity: Check Schedule
Raley's, 40041 Hwy. 49, Oakhurst, CA
Capacity: 20 Check Schedule
Raley's, 166 Placerville Dr., Placerville, CA
Capacity: 30 Check Schedule
Raley's, 1075 N. Hills Blvd., Reno, NV
Capacity: 30 Check Schedule
Raley's, 1630 Robb Drive, Reno, NV
Capacity: 18 Check Schedule
Raley's, 1915 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA
Capacity: 30 Check Schedule
Raley's, 4650 Natomas Blvd., Sacramento, CA
Capacity: 18 Check Schedule
Raley's, 2900 Geer Rd., Turlock, CA
Capacity: 35 Check Schedule
Raley's, 367 West Main St., Woodland, CA
Capacity: 18 Check Schedule
Bel Air, 1885 East Gibson Road, Woodland, CA
Capacity: 25 Check Schedule
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Event Center Terms and Conditions
We appreciate the opportunity to support your use of our Event Center. We have certain requirements to ensure that you have an excellent experience with our companies, which are outlined below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
  • Food is available for purchase within the store. Special orders of party trays, require 48 hour advanced notice.

  • No outside food/drink is permitted in the Event Center.

  • Any selling of products is strictly prohibited.

  • Any solicitation for services is strictly prohibited.

  • The use of Event Center Equipment* must be reserved in advance. Use is complimentary. Group is responsible for loss or damage to Event Center Equipment and agrees to pay for repairs or full replacement cost upon loss or damage.

  • Each group is responsible for their own set-up prior to the event, and clean up after the event. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning deposit should it be required for the room.

  • Raley's reserves the right to restrict use of the Event Center due to inappropriate dress, behavior, language or activities that disrupt customers or employees within the store. Please keep the noise level at an acceptable level as not to disturb our fellow customers or employees.

Your Group's future reservations of the Event Center will be subject to past history of adhering to these rules.

We reserve the right to restrict or limit use of the Event Center at any time, for any reason. The use of this private property is a privilege, not a right and we must reserve the right in our sole and absolute discretion to decline use of the Event Center to any group. We also reserve the right to revise the schedule for internal use by company employees. In this rare instance, we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible to select another date/time.

*Although we make every effort to maintain our equipment, we are not responsible for supplying replacement equipment if said such equipment fails before or during your use. Nor will Raley's be held responsible for such mechanical failure.