Party Planner & Food Orders: Breakfast

Bagel Tray
The perfect way to start the day! Or pair them with our smoked salmon tray.
Serves: 10-12
$ 16.99   plus tax

Continental Breakfast
From mini croissants to assorted mini muffins, bear claws and fresh fruit, there's something for everyone!
Serves: 10-12
$ 19.99   plus tax

Loaf Cake Tray
Treat your guest to our assorted moist and delicious loaf cakes and Greenlees Cinnaman Bread, served with Italian mascarpaone cheese and fresh fruit.
Serves: 20-25
$ 22.99   plus tax

Quiche Lorraine
FRESH BAKED DAILY Made with whole eggs, real cream and a blend of Swiss and Gruyere cheese
Serves: 6
This item will be available for pick-up beginning: October 7, 2015
$ 13.99   plus tax

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