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Community Giving

Raley’s proudly supports causes that make significant impacts in our communities and align with one or more of our giving platforms:

Simply Sustainable
Supporting the environment and sustainable practices.

Local Spirit
Supporting organizations in the local community through health and wellness.

Healthy Habits
Encouraging healthy lifestyles and fitness.

Plentiful Plate
Providing quality food products and healthy choices.

How It Works

Community Giving donation requests must be made through our online portal.

Raley’s Community Relations team reviews all requests within four weeks of the submittal date. The request must be received a minimum of 90 days prior to the need date. Organizations must be located in a city or town where Raley’s operates a store. Raley’s provides support to organizations once per fiscal year. If your organization has more than one opportunity for support throughout the year, be sure to submit your top choice first.

Examples of community causes that meet our giving guidelines include:

  • Nutrition programs for all ages
  • Field trips to local farms and stores to learn about the connection between agriculture and what we eat
  • Healthy snacks or bottled water served at runs and other community events
  • Fruits and vegetables used at cooking demonstrations
  • Programs that help our community understand where their food comes from
  • Sustainability efforts to help protect and conserve our land

Requests that fall outside our giving guidelines include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Third party requests, such as an organization or team raising funds on behalf of a nonprofit
  • Individual sponsorships, such as sports, beauty, scholastic, or talent competitions or events
  • Events or fundraisers benefiting an individual
  • National or international relief efforts
  • Travel costs or trips
  • Political campaigns or efforts
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Alcohol requests

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