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Answers to Your Questions about Extra Credit Grants

Do I have to be a member of Something Extra to apply for a grant?

Yes. To apply for a grant, you need a valid Something Extra account.

What types of groups can apply for an Extra Credit grant?

Raley’s grant program is designed to impact youth through purposeful exposure to agriculture, food and nutrition. Accredited K-12 schools (public, charter or private) are eligible to apply for the program. The school campus must be located within a 20-mile radius of a Raley’s, Bel Air Market or Nob Hill Foods location.

How much can my school or school district request in our proposal?

There are currently no restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount of funding that grantees may request per Extra Credit grant cycle. Raley’s suggests applicants do their best to estimate the amount of funding necessary to sustain programming and propose projects and programs with goals that are realistically achievable.

My nonprofit organization provides food literacy, nutrition education, and/or healthy living programs for schools. Can I apply for funding to increase capacity so the organization can deliver additional programming for more schools?

For nonprofit organizations that provide programming to K-12 institutions, we suggest partnering with schools and school districts to work out all details of the proposed program. Once all details are finalized and roles and responsibilities clarified, your partner school(s) or school district(s) should take the lead in submitting the final grant application. If the proposal is chosen for an Extra Credit grant, the school(s) or school district(s) will receive the awarded grant funding.

Does the funding have to be used within the same academic school year that it was awarded?

If your school is awarded a Raley’s Extra Credit grant, it is not a requirement that the funding be expended in the same academic school year. It is Raley’s expectation that the funding be spent within the timeframe proposed in your original grant application.

How do I make changes to my grant application?

Application periods are generally open for up to four weeks, with grants awarded twice annually. Changes cannot be made once an application has been submitted for consideration, so we encourage organizations to assemble all necessary application materials prior to submitting a final proposal.

Materials that may be required or questions that may be asked as part of your submission packet may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Description of proposed project
  • County or counties in which your school operates
  • Estimated number of students benefiting from proposed project
  • Project budget
  • Project timeline
  • Current financial statements/tax documents
  • Percentage of students receiving free lunch at your K-12 institution
  • How will youth health and wellness be improved by this project?
  • Is the project sustainable once Raley’s grant funding for your project is exhausted?
  • How will you measure project success?

I applied for a grant. How can I view my application status?

You can log in to the Purposeful Giving portal using the credentials you created to complete the grant application. If you’re forgotten your ID or password, please utilize the password recovery feature on the login page.