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Natural or Bio-Identical Hormone Products

We custom make many natural hormone replacement products for men and women. As we age, the body's production of hormones decreases and supplemental treatment is sometimes desired.

We make Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone products in creams, capsules, troches and suppositories. Ask your physician if any of these are right for you.


Many manufactured medications can have dyes, excipients (inactive ingredients) that you may be allergic to. We can still provide you with the same active ingredient in an alternative base that may be non-allergenic to you.

Intolerance to a Specific Route of Administration

If you are not able to tolerate your medication orally, certain medications can be customized to be given rectally (suppository form) or transdermally (absorbed topically through the skin).

Pediatric & Geriatric Uses

We can customize specific dosages to meet your needs when manufactured doses are not available. We can even customize the form if pills cannot be swallowed.

Discontinued Medication

Some medications are no longer available from the manufacturer due to their demand or profitability. These may be available as a compound. Ask our pharmacists.
All compounded products require a prescription from a valid prescriber (Physician, Veterinarian, Dentist, etc).