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Quality Meats

Sink your teeth into the lowest prices on the best quality cuts. Our high standards and long-standing vendor partnerships with local ranchers make a difference you can taste.

Delicious Hams

Bone-In Ham

Fresh, never frozen, our butt and shank portion tender hams are locally raised in Manteca on a second-generation family farm.

Spiral-Sliced Ham

Exclusive to our stores, our fresh Red Foil spiral-sliced half hams have a bourbon flavor profile you can’t get anywhere else.

Standing Rib Roasts

USDA Choice Rib

Juicy and flavorful, this fresh, succulent, moderately marbled cut contains slightly less fat than a prime rib roast.

USDA Prime

Exceptionally tender, prime is the highest quality grade of beef. Heavily marbled, its rich flavor is unforgettably decadent.

Festive Inspiration

Learn how to prepare your holiday centerpiece—and creative ways to use your leftovers—so you can holiday like a pro.